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National Stationery Week

We were inspired to create a blog all about stationery by the London Stationery Show, which takes place during National Stationery Week. Today is the first day of National Stationery Week and we think it is a fantastic idea

NSW 2013 with date and website and partners (no website).

National Stationery Week celebrates the written word and all things stationery. Its aim is to get people all over the world talking and writing about stationery and why writing by hand is important. As part of National Stationery Week they are running the Get Britain Writing campaign – and this year they are urging the government to ensure handwriting continues to play an important role in the national school curriculum.

The United States removed cursive handwriting as a compulsory skill in 2013 and Finland is also taking it off the curriculum in 2016 in favour of teaching typing skills. We all need to join forces to make sure the UK does not go down the same route. Chris Leonard-Morgan, the exhibition director of the London Stationery Show explains:

“Whether it’s jotting down a shopping list, writing a birthday card, taking down a phone message or filling in an application form, handwriting is part of our daily lives and while modern technology has transformed the way we communicate, the skill of handwriting remains important in education, employment and everyday life.”

This is why National Stationery Week campaign urges everyone to get involved by undertaking the seven days of stationery. These are:

NSW 7 Days of Sationery - 1

As it is Pencil Day today, here is an image of some pencils.

colored-pencils header


3 thoughts on “National Stationery Week

  1. Celebrating Stationery Week should be made compulsory. I love writing and jotting down ideas, doing mind maps as I plot stories. I love taking down notes, writing down research in multi-coloured pens. As a kid we were rewarded for good handwriting and we had to do holiday homework with pages of handwriting practice copied out of newspapers. As people get older they type more than they write I think.

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