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Yay! It’s Pencil Day!

Today is the the first day of National Stationery Week and it is pencil day. Where would we be without pencils? Whoever invented them was a total genius. Of course pencils have come on a long way over the years and I have to admit my favourite one is actually a propelling pencil made by the awesome Lamy. It is a Lamy Scala with a 0.7 lead. I bought this and the matching pen and roller ball with my very first advance for Help I’m an Alien

Lamy scala pencil 0.7

If I had to nominate a favourite regular pencil it would probably be the Palomino Blackwing because of it’s awesome rubber which can be replaced when it wears out as well as it’s easy flowing graphite.

palomino black wing pencil

Do you have a favourite pencil? Let us know.

Happy Pencil Day everyone.


5 thoughts on “Yay! It’s Pencil Day!

    1. We felt that we didn’t have enough to do, Candy, something you know so well. I have a book out this month. Anita has already written 75 and has another 75 in the pipeline, so we thought starting a new online venture was just what we needed right now. It has been a fantastic week and we have so many exciting things to look forward to, it makes all the extra work worthwhile.

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  1. I love the usual HB pencils though. Never liked mechanical pencils, couldn’t go as fast as my writing and definitely don’t like lead breaking when I am writing. But the ones you have reviewed here is amazing. I’ll check them out.

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    1. Not a full review, more of a celebration of pencils. You should try the Palomino Black Wing though. It has “Half the pressure. Twice the speed.” stamped on it. It certainly does feel quite soft and needs sharpening often if you like a good point. I find the slightly thicker leaded mechanical pencils are okay. I use the 0.7. The standard disposable ones seem to have more flimsy leads and they break under the pressure of my usual scribble. Happy writing and thanks for getting in touch.

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