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Get Organised Day

Today is the second day of National Stationery Week and it is Get Organised Day.

Anita is ready and organised for her day at the London Stationery Show. She has her rucksack, pencil case, document wallet to do some work on the train there, notebooks and pen.


What stationery do you use to get organised?

Jo is not as organised as she should be! In fact I very nearly forgot my ticket for the National Stationery Show but luckily Organised Anita reminded me that I needed to print it off.

Other things I am taking today. A big bag to fill with loads of information about exhibitors who would like to feature on Papers. Pens. Poets. Our business cards and my business cards (just in case anyone is interested in what I do to fund my stationery habit). Both are supplied by the marvelous who we will be doing a feature on very soon because they are totally cool and awesome. And of course my trusty satchel. I’ve even put some make up on.

It’s very nearly time to leave the house and I am uber excited. Only I’ve gone and broken WordPress and can’t upload my picture right now. But I’m sure you can imagine the awesomeness.

Do drop by later to see how we got on.




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