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London Stationery Show

Yesterday, Tuesday 26th April 2016, Papers Pens Poets visited the London Stationery Show at the Design Centre, Islington. Two stationery addicts, hundreds of stationery supplier, thousands of stationery products, what’s not to like?

Anita – the perfect advert for National Stationery week

The purpose of visiting the show was to find amazing stationery products to review and I am thrilled to tell you it was a success. We already have a number of items we will review over the next few weeks and have made contact with other suppliers who are keen for us to review their products on Papers. Pens. Poets.

In fact we gave out all fifty of our business cards which we had ordered from

There were loads of new products that I would use regularly for my work and I presume many author stationery addicts would too.

Yes, there were plenty of paper and pens, but there were gadgets too. My favourite stand were showing products from Japan. Sorry you are going to have to wait to see exactly what awesomeness I have discovered, because I want to do a full review of each of them in the coming weeks. They have started following us on twitter @paperspenspoets but I have no idea what they are saying because the posts are in Japanese! I presume it is good though.

I have to admit there were one or two dodgy items at the fair too. Including something that was claiming to be a selfie stick and an egg-shaped, hand- held, light. Both would probably sell better at – ahem – a specialist lingerie shop. We won’t be reviewing them.

On a more appropriate  note for two children’s authors, we saw an Enid Blyton notebook and some Moomin stationery.

Jo hatching a plan to be the next Enid Blyton

It was interesting to meet stationery producers, just as it is interesting for authors to meet publishers. We are hoping to persuade some of them to be interviewed for Papers Pens Poets. How do you develop a new rollerball? What is the next trend in stationery going to be? There is a whole world of stationery out there and I’m looking forward to exploring it with Anita.

We are still looking for authors, illustrators, journalists and other stationery addicts to interview about how they use stationery in their work, so please do get in Contact if you would like to be be featured on Papers Pens Poets. Already lined up are interviews with Miriam Halahmy and Sue Wallman, both brilliant children’s authors and stationery addicts.

I hope you are enjoying the site and will pop back regularly to see what we are up to.

The other thing we saw yesterday was the world’s biggest notebook. It was completely empty though so if you have any ideas how to fill it let us know.


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