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Review: Artline Stix Colouring Markers

Artline Stix are a range of connectable, buildable markers and pens. They have a triangular shape cloaked in Lego-style studs which mean you can connect them to each other. In addition they can be connected end to end. The ink in the colouring markers is washable.

Artline stix box

These are really fun colouring pens. They are aimed at younger children. In addition to the pens there are some connectors and characters you can add to your pen to make them even more attractive. The triangular shape helps with the correct pencil grip and the studs along their length make them very tactile.

Artline stix close up


In addition to the colouring set, there are also fine liners and brush pens which can be combined to produce massive Artline sculptures. My daughter tried out the brush pen sample. She said “It wasn’t as brushy as my other brush pens but it is softer than the Artline colouring pens.”

The nib of the colouring markers is quite wide as it is aimed at young children but I managed to colour in this picture quite accurately I have to admit I have not got into the adult colouring craze, but enjoyed working with these today.

Artline Stix picture

Can you spot the cat? The expression on it’s face is exactly like my own cat’s when he is hiding from my dog.

If you are interested in finding out more about Artline Stix there are two websites to check out. is aimed at children. It has details of how the pens work, the characters you can add on and suggestions for artwork you can create by linking the pens while drawing with them together. is the parent company site and has information about stockists if you want to buy some Artline Stix yourself.

Thank you to David Ayres who provided us with samples at the London Stationery Show.

Review by Jo Franklin


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