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Review : Semikolon Sticky Tab Markers

Revision season is upon us and any stationary addict who has exams will choose their revision stationery very carefully to ensure a modicum of enjoyment among the relentlessness of eternal studying. I think these sticky tabsb by Semikolon are brilliant.   12 x 40 stiff paper marker tabs presented in a neat case. They can be… Continue reading Review : Semikolon Sticky Tab Markers

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Interview with Miriam Halahmy

Yesterday Miriam Halahmy had the launch party for her fantastic new book, The Emergency Zoo, published by Alma Books. To celebrate her launch Miriam has told us all about her favourite stationery and how she uses it during her writing process. I write novels, poems and short stories for children, teens and adults. I have been publishing since the 1990s and… Continue reading Interview with Miriam Halahmy

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Article: Paperchase Flagship

The organisers of National Stationery Week published a Stationery Tour of London which sounded like a great idea to Papers Pens Poets although to do the whole tour on one day would be a bit too much for anyone – even us. The official tour takes in 18 outlets, mostly nationwide chains with a few well know… Continue reading Article: Paperchase Flagship

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Interview with Sue Wallman

Sue Wallman writes YA and it was the launch party for her debut novel, Lying About Last Summer, this week. To celebrate this momentous occasion, we have asked Sue to tell us a little bit about her favourite stationery. My favourite pen, perhaps my favourite possession, is an old Parker fountain pen which was my mum’s.… Continue reading Interview with Sue Wallman