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May the 4th be with you

To celebrate Star Wars Day, I am going to show you a selection of Star Wars stationery we saw at the London Stationery Show. There were several stalls displaying licensed Star War goods.  The first we came across was Pyramid International.


They showed us several different Star Wars items including a Chewbacca notebook and a Star Wars Kylo Ren Light Pen. I particularly liked the Welcome to the Dark Side door mat.


Then we stopped off for a chat with Terry Taylor, the director of EastWest UK distributors, who explained their Star Wars licensed merchandise range. The 3D stationery on the top shelf is licensed to Memory Tech, Italy. The stationery on the other two shelves have cookies included and other treats like stickers, chocolate and candy. They are licensed to Candy Planet, Poland.


There was also a range of Star Wars stationery items supplied by the trade shop Sambro.


The final distributor we saw at the show was Scruffy Duck, who had a wide range of Star Wars merchandise on their shelves.


As you can see, there was loads of Star Wars stuff to see. A lot of the items were brand new initiatives so not available in the shops yet.

You can read a review of the Star Wars Kylo Ren Light Pen, supplied by Pyramid International here.

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