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Review: Star Wars Kylo Ren Light Pen

As it is Star Wars day, I thought it appropriate to review a Star Wars stationery item. I have chosen the Star Wars Kylo Ren Light Pen, a fun Star Wars novelty pen, given to me to review at the London Stationery Show by Pyramid International.


It has a red rubber grip at the bottom which provides extra comfort whilst writing and is ideal for people with limited dexterity as it is contoured to fit comfortably in the hand. The ink is black and flowed smoothly, without blobbing.


There is a small button which if you push upwards the Light Pen projects a picture of Kylo Ren on the ceiling.


If you push the button downwards the pen glows red in the dark.


This pen is suitable for young children just starting to write who want to be the envy of their star war fan classmates and also for older people seeking a comfortable writing position because of limited strength or grip in their hand, wrist or arm and want to show off their Star Wars collectible to their writing group.

You can find out more about the other Star Wars stationery items we show at the London Stationery Show here.

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