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White Calligraphy Pens from Manuscript

Illuminated scriptI have always admired fine calligraphy. The sort written on vellum or parchment with lovely illustrations entwined around the initial capital letter further illuminated with gold leaf. Probably because these early books were the first to be treasured.
Sadly my attempts at writing anything so fine have always ended in a spidery ink blot, not a thing of beauty. But I do fit all my fountain pens with italic nibs  because I find it improves the look of my handwriting, even when I’m scribbling.

I am not an artist and therefore find calligraphy hard work. In the past when I have used traditional calligraphy pens I have given up without putting in the time to learn how to use them properly, so I was really pleased to see the modern range of calligraphy materials from the Manuscript Pen Company at the London Stationery Show.

Eleanor (14) and I both tried out the Callicreative italic markers with a medium 2.5mm nib and white permanent ink.

There are a few tips on how to write calligraphy inside the packaging, but probably not enough for  novices like us to be able to produce professional results and I suspect we both ruined the chisel nib because we wrote quickly rather than taking our time over every stroke. So maybe the nib needs to be firmer if it is going to last long in this family.

Eleanor experimented with using the pen as a white marker pen over different art mediums eg coloured pencils but this is a calligraphy pen not a felt tip, so she didn’t get very good results. I found the pen most effective on black paper and I will definitely be using it again when I create a mood boards for future stories where white on black helps me evoke the mood. Well done the Manuscript Pen Company.

White Calligraphy writing for web

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