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Stationery London

Papers Pens Poets love stationery. We love London too. We particularly love the fact that there are loads of awesome stationery shops in London and we want to visit them all.

If you work in, or own a stationery shop, then please contact  us so that we can pay you a visit and write about your shop on this site.

paperchasesmWe began visiting stationery shops yesterday. Here is a clue as to where we went first.

The rain and high humidity didn’t put us off. Looking at (and buying) stationery kept our spirits up.

There will be more about the pictured Mecca of all things paper and pens, in a few weeks time as well as others you may not have heard about before.(We made one shop manager’s day!)

We are also interested in featuring articles written by stationery manufactures, suppliers, photographers and anyone else who knows about stationery.

Are their any stationery historians out there?

Is there a stationery museum? We’d love to hear from you.


Our busy day was completed by going to a book launch for the wonderful Sue Wallman and her book ‘Lying About Last Summer’.


Not only is Sue a great author she is also a stationery addict and she will be telling Papers Pens Poets all about it on Friday.

Hope you keep coming back to find out more about our passion for  – Papers. Pens. Poets.

PS and amaretto but that doesn’t start with a P.


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