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Interview with Joe Craig – Notebooks

When we launched Papers Pens Poets, the first person to contact us was writer Joe Craig. Joe is more than a stationery addict, he is a total fanatic. He has so much to say about stationery that I expect him to become a regular on Paper Pens and Poets.

Today, I am talking to Joe about his passion for notebooks.

Notebooks Jo Craig

For planning I’ll often use an A4 book, with plain or squared paper, because it gives me more space to connect ideas, draw maps of a plot or to doodle a character. For writing a first draft or for songwriting I use A5, or similar (not all my favourite notebooks follow the standard A4/A5 sizing) and for travelling about during the day I’ll slip an A6 into my pocket. But size is really the last of my considerations when it comes to notebooks.

For general note-making, planning, ideas and writing lyrics, I use a Leuchtturm1917, which is similar to a Moleskine, but with better quality paper and binding. Plus there are page numbers, which I find immensely useful, and they come in a lovely range of colours.

I don’t know why anybody would use a Moleskine when they can use a Leuchtturm1917.

That is so true. I have a few Moleskine that were given to me as gifts, but I haven’t developed a passion for them. However I recently cracked open my very first Leuchtturm1917 and it is fantastic. I’ve written about my experience here.

What other noteboooks do you use?

IMG_6464For some longer-form writing and for travelling around, I love Baron Fig ‘Confidant’ notebooks. They’re slightly smaller, which makes them lighter and easier to carry, but the quality of paper and binding is second-to-none and the design is so elegant.

As well as my everyday notebooks, I also have a stash of ‘even more special’ books I’ve collected over the years, mostly on trips to Italy. Two leather-bound books from Sienna stand out – I think they might be the most beautiful objects I own.

In Florence we found a notebook maker who embossed my initials in gold leaf on the spines of some mouth-wateringly gorgeous books.

I’m waiting for the right project before I crack the spine on these.

COVER JC_Blackout_1grey

What are you writing at the moment?

I’m working on two new books, but I can’t say anything about them until they’re finished, so check out the latest Jimmy Coates book while I’m getting my new ones ready for you –

Jimmy Coates: Blackout. It’s a thriller in the spirit of The Bourne Identity and I hope it will keep everybody gripped – even people who don’t usually like reading.




Thanks for sharing your passion for notebooks, Joe. I look forward to hearing about pens. Meanwhile, good luck on the secret writing projects.

You can find out more about Joe Craig here

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