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Review: Magic Cling Notes

Magic Cling Notes produced by the Magic Whiteboard company are 2-in-1 double-sided post-it notes. One side is paper and the other side is a dry-erase surface, which you can write on with a dry marker.

magic notes

The samples I picked up from the National Stationery Show are 10cm by 7cm. They cling to any flat surface and if they do happen to lose their static you can just rub them up and down on your sleeve, like a balloon and they cling again. I had a lot of fun exploring what I could stick them to. They do not stick to the artex ceiling and they do not stick to my face but they do stick to my clothes and the wall. The dry erase marker wipes away very easily with a tissue.

They are totally reusable, which is very useful when plotting your stories and wanting to move key scenes around or change scenes and characters without using a new post-it note. An environmentally friendly way to plot your latest work in progress.

magic notes example

These ones have been up for at least two weeks and have not fallen off yet.

My only complaint is I could not really find a suitable pen to write on them with. On the wipe away side – the dry erase markers were too thick, the wet erase markers were the right thickness but left smears. On the permanent side – my Lamy fountain pen was too thin and felt like I was writing with a pencil. In the end I returned to my trusty medium nibbed Pilot V ball grip, which worked well. What I wanted though was a medium nibbed dry erase marker, which I do not have!

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