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Review : Semikolon Sticky Tab Markers

Revision season is upon us and any stationary addict who has exams will choose their revision stationery very carefully to ensure a modicum of enjoyment among the relentlessness of eternal studying. I think these sticky tabsb by Semikolon are brilliant.

Papers Pens Poets Papers Pens Poets


12 x 40 stiff paper marker tabs presented in a neat case.

They can be used to create your own dividers or stick these over the tab part of old dividers to reuse them without your folder looking a crossed out mess. They are also perfect for adding to index cards.


I use them on the first page of every chapter in my printed manuscript as I haven’t found a way of adding chapter headings to the document footer which makes wading through a 150 page manuscript much easier. Do tell me if you know the solution to this problem. I might be a stationery addict but I do like my tech too. I’m always looking for practical labour saving solutions.

I’ve only been able to use a few of these Semikolon tabs as the rest have been snuffled by my revising daughter. Like me, she spends a lot of time organising her work.  Not sure how much actual revision goes on but with these; at least she’ll be able to find her notes if she ever puts her phone away.

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