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London Graphic Centre

As part of our stationery tour of London, Anita and I visited the flagship branch of the London Graphic Centre in Covent Garden. Strictly speaking the London Graphic Centre isn’t a stationery shop. It is an emporium for artists and graphic designers, but there is still plenty of things to thrill a couple of stationery addicts… Continue reading London Graphic Centre

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Review: Dark Star Notebook

On first impressions the Dark Star notebook seemed pretty basic with its manilla card cover, simple logo and thick black spine yet it has proved to be extremely durable and hard-wearing. The paper is thick enough so the writing does not seep through, the book is sturdy enough that it does not get crumpled in my handbag even… Continue reading Review: Dark Star Notebook

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Interview: Alison Rattle is Nuts for Notebooks

Alison Rattle writes YA historical fiction. Her latest book is a YA crime book set just after WWII. Here she tells us about her passion for notebooks and how she uses them during her writing process. When I’m writing a book I usually start off on my laptop, but then very quickly reach for a pen and notebook. There’s… Continue reading Interview: Alison Rattle is Nuts for Notebooks

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London Stationery Shop Trail – Il Papiro

As part of our London stationery trail we visited Il Papiro, the idyllic stationery shop in the heart of Covent Garden. When I walked into the shop, I was instantly reminded of Ollivanders™, the wand shop in Diagon Alley™ from the Harry Potter™ movies. There were shelves laden with an assortment of notebooks, diaries, cards, boxes and photo albums all… Continue reading London Stationery Shop Trail – Il Papiro