Maste tape · Review · Washi tape

Review: Maste Tape

We were sent some samples of Maste Tape by Turnaround Publisher Services to review on our website. Washi tape has been used in Japan for over a thousand years but I have only recently discovered the joys of this versatile masking tape (or washi tape as it is more generally called).


It fascinated me that it was able to be removed and reused without leaving a sticky residue or losing its adhesive properties. My first instinct as a writer was to use the tape to keep paper still on my desk and to stick pictures to the wall of my characters rather than using my pin board.

I wanted to get a bit more creative. So I decorated a rose scented tea-light and an old extendable pencil I found in my pencil pot.

I found several other uses as I experimented with the samples, including decorating my keys and making some useful paperclip bookmarks.


This bright and colourful tape proved to be very strong and adaptable.

I also had a go at doing my nails with it as shown in this video but failed miserably, hence why there are no pictures posted.

However, I did find these amazing things online, which left me in awe and may inspire all the artists and illustrators out there.


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