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Review: Uni-ball Eye Designer Rollerball

uniball purple

This is the beautiful new pen I am currently carrying around in my handbag. When I set the challenge to find me a pen that I would like better than the Pilot V-Ball Grip cone-nibbed Rollerball with blue liquid ink, I honestly did not think it was possible but the Uniball Eye Designer Rollerball pen might have succeeded.

I really enjoy writing with this pen. It has a stainless-steel cone-tip with tungsten carbide ball, which slides smoothly over the paper and does not blot or smudge but best of all it has an option for Deep Purple ink like my purple special edition Lamy I reviewed last month. I have been assured that the ‘Uni-Flow’ system will ensure a continuous consistent right to the last drop.

This particular range of Uniball Eye Designer Rollorball pens were released to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Uni-Ball Eye pens and is based on the UB-157. The blue, black and red ink versions have waterproof pigment ink.

You can imagine my surprise when I saw my friend and co-founder of Papers Pens Poets, Jo Franklin, had chosen the green version of this pen to use for her book signings at her Help I’m an Alien UK book launch last week.


She wanted a pen that was not only the right colour green for her alien themed launch but was also comfortable enough to use for signing lots of books. After searching practically every stationery shop in the whole of London, the Uni-ball Eye Designer Rollerball pen with green liquid ink was the one she finally settled on. You can’t get a better recommendation for a pen than that.

Jo book signing

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