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Review: Dark Star Notebook

On first impressions the Dark Star notebook seemed pretty basic with its manilla card cover, simple logo and thick black spine yet it has proved to be extremely durable and hard-wearing. The paper is thick enough so the writing does not seep through, the book is sturdy enough that it does not get crumpled in my handbag even on long-journeys and the A5 is a perfect size for taking and making notes for future reviews, interviews and articles.

Dark Star Notebook

As someone who has only ever used lines before I was slightly bemused by the dotty paper. Why dots? But as I started to use them, I began to see their practical uses:

  • The dots keep my handwriting more upright
  • I am able to write in straight lines, even with the book sideways
  • I can keep my bullet points in line very easily
  • There are dots on both sides of the paper, which is brilliant so no paper is wasted with silly blank pages
  • The dots are perfect for spacing, vertically and horizontally. I can change the angle of my writing and still write in straight lines, which makes writing even more fun than normal.
  • The dots are not too dark so they simply merge into the background without being distracting. I came to the conclusion dots are much better than squares, which can be restricting and oppressive.


Another thing which was useful to me as a writer was, I could bend the spine right back so the book still lies flat so I was able to write even in the train. So far none of the pages have fallen out due to me doing this but a couple are a bit loose.

I believe these notebooks would be ideal for sketching and doodling as dots allow more space for creativity than lines. I think the Dark Star notebook would also be very useful for Jo, who does a lot of calligraphy pens, as it would help to keep letters a consistent size.

The Dark Star notebook is now officially my Papers pens Poets notebook and already contains several reviews and article ideas that will be posted on the website soon.

To find out more about Dark Star notebooks check out their website:



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