Interview with A M Dassau

When Anita and I first announced that we were setting up Papers Pens Poets, the first person to contact us was AM Dassau. We know AM through a private Facebook group I set up in January for people determined to finish the first draft of their manuscript before 29th February. That seems a long time ago now. We are all on our third, fourth or fifty fifth drafts now.

I chatted to AM about her stationery habits.

AM Dassau Mont Blanc Pens

When/how did you first realise you were a stationery addict?

I should say aged eight, when I started my ‘rubber collection’ and I joined a calligraphy course, collecting lots of Sheaffer and Parker fountain pens in the process. But in reality it was probably aged four, when I used to go shopping with my aunt and uncle every Saturday.  I would point to an eraser or a shiny pencil case, look at them with big doe eyes and say, “My mummy won’t buy me these”. Oh the shame of it! I did come away with a good collection of stationery though… ahem.


Do you have a preferred size/format of notebook? Maybe you have more than one.

My preferred size of notebook is A4 because I write down detailed notes about everything and write very quickly but because I can’t fit one in to all of my bags, I carry an A5, leather bound one. My current notebook is bound in red leather.  It’s beautiful… *stroking its cover as I say this*.

Which stationery brands are you most loyal to?

AM Dassau PencilsI love Faber-Castell stationary, so our house is filled with its pencils, erasers, sharpeners and coloured pencils. My husband and I have a pile of Moleskine notebooks waiting to be used and we have a collection of Mont Blanc pens and pencils that my husband uses more than I do because I think they’re too special to use. Sigh.

Oh and I always buy Crayola coloured pens and crayons for the children.

Do you have a favourite stationery retailer and why?

I am my happiest in a WH-Smith and a Paperchase. As soon as I enter the door, my shoulders relax and I feel like I have arrived in heaven. I walk from shelf to shelf, admiring the beautiful and new designs in store. The number of products in Paperchase, the variety of options and the colourful and interesting designs make me giddy. You will often see me rushing around the store as excited as my children *blushes*.
Even looking at their wrapping paper pleases me no end.

Anything else you want to tell the world about your stationery habit?

I still have my ‘rubber collection’ from when I was a child. I found it in a box at my mum’s house a few months ago and was as excited to see it as when I first bought them all. I showed the various erasers to my children and of course they wanted them. I couldn’t allow myself to part with them and said no!

I have however bought them a set of erasers in the shape of bowling balls and pins since. I’ve redeemed myself right?bowling rubbers

What are you working on at the moment?
I have just completed a Young Adult novel and am currently editing its fourth draft. I’ll head off now to work on it; can’t wait to hold one of my slender Faber-Castell pencils to edit my printed manuscript.


*Runs off shrieking in geeky delight at the thought of her hand connecting the pencil to paper* 😉

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