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London Graphic Centre

As part of our stationery tour of London, Anita and I visited the flagship branch of the London Graphic Centre in Covent Garden.

London Graphic Centre Logo

Strictly speaking the London Graphic Centre isn’t a stationery shop. It is an emporium for artists and graphic designers, but there is still plenty of things to thrill a couple of stationery addicts like us.

TLondon Graphic Centrehe store is based over two levels and is designed to appear like a warehouse with exposed brick work and concrete floors.

Unfortunately it was pouring with rain on the day we visited and we had walked from Tottenham Court Road so we were hot and glowing. The shop is very warm, so we found it hard to hang out on the top floor for too long. But luckily for us the top floor is dedicated to artist’s equipment and while we both dream of being visual artists, we are actually better with words. So we spent most of our visit on the ground floor.

Signing PensI was on a mission to buy the best signing pen to use at my imminent book launch of Help I’m an Alien. I needed green ink and a smooth writing experience for the hundreds of books I was hoping to sign. The pen also needed to bleed proof on the roughish paper that is used in paperbacks. There was plenty to choose from. Now that I have put them into action, my favourites have turned out to be the Uniball and the Pilot Sign Pen. I think I am the only author who hasn’t tried a Sharpie to sign books with. I will have to fix that very soon.

On the ground floor of the London Graphic Centre there are big displays of Moleskine and Leuchtturm notebooks among many others. And of course lots of pens. I bought some removable Scotch tape to help me set up my flat lay stationery displays and Anita bought a specialist notebook to give as a gift which I can’t describe here as it is a secret!

LeuchttermIMG_2508 (768x1024)

In addition to the Covent Garden branch there are also London Graphic Centre branches in Fitzrovia and Kings Cross. So plenty to supply the central London artist and stationery addict.



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