Review – Letters to Me When I Grow Up

Sometimes stationery is practical but boring and sometimes it is useful and beautiful. Sometimes it is something special to give a friend. I love receiving gorgeous notebooks or notecards. (In fact I have to buy some more notecards soon as I have written so many thank you letters to schools in the last month, that my supply is running low.) But sometimes stationery can be inspirational. I’m very excited to tell you about an item that came into review from the US company Chronicle Books.

Letters coverLetters to Me When I Grow Up (Young writer’s edition) is a book of twelve blank letters. Each one encourages the young writer to jot down their thoughts about what their hopes and dreams for the future as well as record certain aspects of their current life.

I think a blank diary can be quite intimidating. ‘What did I do today? The same as yesterday.’ But these letters offer specific prompts to help the writer on their way.

Letter 1The first letter is a list asking the writer to imagine what amazing things they imagine they will do when they grow up – eat spicy food, go snorkelling, floss my teeth every day. There is also the option to mark what activities they definitely intend never to do. It’s really got me thinking as to how I would fill the letter in if I was writing it. Read lots of books – I would have ticked that for sure. I have always been a reader. There is nothing on the list about technology or money and I think that is rather lovely. Sometimes the greatest pleasure and achievements are to be gained from simple things – know the names of plants or give good advice. Other pages ask the writer to: draw a map of their room, jot down family memories of when they were even younger, songs or poems they know by heart.

Each letter is to be sealed on a date, not to be opened until the writer is a grown up.











It’s like a personal journal in a time capsule and I think it would make an amazing gift for any child in primary school.

Thank you Chronicle Books. You have really got me thinking.







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