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Interview with Mo O’Hara

Thanks for asking me be on the Papers, Pens and Poets Blog.

Like so many authors I am a bit of a stationary nerd.  I am notebook and file obsessed but pens aren’t really something that I gush over.  I’m definitely not a fountain pen girl (I’m far too messy).

Mo pic

I do collect pens from lots of places I visit though and then when I write with them I can remember my travels. I currently am writing with pens from Texas and Atlanta hotels. 🙂


With notebooks I am usually very brand loyal.  I love a good moleskin.  I always have one of their little colourful ones in my handbag and usually have a few of their thin lined notebooks on the go for individual projects.

It’s more about the feel of a notebook for me and not the look.  I always buy them in shops and not online because I need to pick up the book and hold it. I’m very kinaesthetic like that.

When I start a new project I generally allow myself to splurge on a new notebook as a treat.  Also if I’m going to a conference or retreat I always start with a fresh book but also bring my thought notebooks and project notebooks along.  These are my latest notebooks.

hopeful notebook

I specifically bought a hopeful notebook and a lovely purple hardback moleskin to kick start some joyful writing for my next endeavour.  I also motivate myself to do non writing admin stuff with the bribery of new stationary.  These are my new banking and tax files in zombie green.  Tax still isn’t fun, but at least the file makes me smile.

file folders

Illustrated by the wonderful Ada Grey and it’s a picture book that is a warm funny look at melded families.  It was a very personal journey to write. (lots of notebooks on this one over the years) and it’s amazing to me that I now get to share this book with the world.

More People To Love Me
More People To Love Me

You can find Mo O’Hara on Facebook and twitter: @Mo_OHara 

Mo’s website is:

Besides More People to Love Me, Mo O’Hara writes the My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish series (also published with Macmillan).

All Zombie Titles Pic

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