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The A to Z of Stationery (A)

A is for… Archives

“Handwritten documents and notes have been passed down through centuries to permanently record some of histories most important events – not just consigned to the virtual trash bin.” National Stationery Week

Anita – I have many files saved on my computer full of hundreds of documents but I have just as many archived on my shelves in magazine boxes, lever-arch folders and box files. I have had a blue theme going for many years but I am currently moving over to flowery, deep purple.

Anita’s archives

Jo – I hate filing cabinets with hanging files. I tend to have lever arch files for things like invoices and slim plastic box files for old manuscripts. I keep them in my second best stationery cupboard. I keep things far too long, but occasionally have a clear out only to regret it the next week. I do have some manuscripts that were written on an Amstrad word processor before PCs existed. Can’t bear to read them. Can’t bear to throw them away.

Jo Franklin 2nd stationery cupboard
Jo’s second best stationery cupboard


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