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The A to Z of Stationery (B)

B is for… Beauty

“A hastily-drawn up email will never capture the beauty of a handwritten letter.” National Stationery Week

Anita – I am addicted to beautiful notebooks and post-it notes. I love the floral designs and multi-coloured patterns especially if they have shiny bits. Here is a small selection of some of my most beautiful notebooks and what they are used for:

Diary for jotting down picture book ideas


Dream journal
General ideas book
Notebook for sticking in pictures, maps and ideas for WIP



Jo – It’s interesting that Anita and I both have a passion for stationery but my idea of beauty isn’t floral. I like clean cut, practical design. I love colours and quality. It doesn’t matter how beautiful a thing looks, if it doesn’t work properly or feels cheap, I don’t like it. Not that everything I own has to be expensive. My favourite everyday notebook comes from Lidl and I often shop in the pound shop for slim line box files.

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