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The A to Z of Stationery (C)

C is for… Creativity

“Handwritten notes letters and cards are the most personal form of communication. emails declaring I Love You just don’t cut it. Think love letters and cards that are treasured for decades. A hand-written letter also shows courtesy.” National Stationery Week

Anita – The notebooks and pens I use for my writing help with my inspiration. I get a very special feeling using a beautiful notebook with a special pen bought for the very purpose for writing in that specific notebook. In fact, the dotty Dark Star notebook which I reviewed and my purple uniball eye pen are used specifically for Papers Pens Poets reviews, articles and interviews. I also have a purple notebook, which I carry about in my handbag, which matches my new purple Lamy pen.


C is also for crayons, chalk and coloured pencils to create beautiful illustrations. Can you think of any other stationery items beginning with C? Let us know.

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