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A to Z of Stationery (D)

D is for… Diaries

“I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read in the train.” Gwendolyn Fairfax from the Importance of Being Ernest by  Oscar Wilde

Anita – I have never been much good at keeping a personal diary. I start with good intentions then forget or life gets in the way and I always end up trying to play catch-up – writing the diary in arrears but find it difficult to remember exactly what happened so give up entirely. I have had many half-started diaries.

Morning pages where you write three pages every morning an anything you want to get your creative juices flowing is another thing I am not much good at. The maximum amount of consecutive days I have managed this is three. Again, I end up playing catch up which is sort of defeating the object of the exercise. Also, I find it extremely difficult not to edit as I go along. I have never finished this book.


However, diaries that I have use as calendars and to-do-lists I am entirely dependent on. Rather than writing about my feelings of the days events they contain lists of things I plan to achieve each day. I am a meticulous note taker. This may be the teacher in me as I would have lost without my school diary and still have a few stashed away as memories of days gone by.

The last diary I got was a present from my daughter. I use it for writing picture book ideas in. The idea was I think of a new idea every day. Again I have failed to do this for several months. This diary is a beautiful shiny Paperblanks design with butterflies on it. The design is by Laurel Burch and is called Flutterbyes.



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