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A to Z of Stationery (E)

E is for… Envelope

Anita – I own some beautiful notelets with envelopes. I always [refer it if the envelope has some sort of picture or patterns on. This is true when I am choosing greeting cards.


However, in the days of submitting by post to publishers I always preferred to use white envelopes rather than brown ones. They may have been a little more expensive but I felt they would stand out more in the slushpile, whilst still looking professional. The little details count.

Envelopes to reuse

Jo – For me, envelopes are more practical than beautiful. I keep jiffy bags and other packaging to reuse.

I recently found a big pack of large padded bags under my bed. The perfect size for sending out big fat manuscripts to agents. Amazing to think that email submissions have only become the norm in the last five years. I’m not sure what I am going to use them for now but I won’t throw them away. I still need A4 white envelopes for contracts. Which reminds me, I must buy some.

Top tip – poundshops are great for boring practical padded envelopes.

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