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A to Z of Stationery (F)

F is for… Filofax

Anita – I have owned a Filofax for over 20 years. The first one I owned was a black leather personal organiser bought in the last century. In 2006, I had to get a new one as the coin purse split from carrying around too much change. I replaced it with another one exactly the same but this time in brown and I use a separate purse for coins. Inside I have a week per two-page diary, an address book and lots of lined paper. I also have a filofax ruler to mark the day.


Although, most of the things I used my Filofax for I now do on my phone. I still tend to carry it about in my handbag like a security blanket.

Jo – I have always been fascinated with Filofax, but totally failed to use one. My phone acts as a filofax for me but I need to update it with addresses from a very ancient and much scribbled in address book.

If you can think of any other stationery items we can feature in future articles beginning with the letter ‘F’ please let us know.

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