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Review – Typewriter Memo Paper

I’m an author and obviously couldn’t do without a computer. I write every day and administer the business side of my writing through my computer but I still have a hankering for a typewriter. I leaned to type on a typewriter. I went to a typing school in Old Street after I finished university and sat wearing headphones while a voice droned out asdf ;lkj in my ears while I stabbed at the keys. Of course typewriters are frustrating. Every typo has to be corrected using correcting tape or fluid. (Do they still make Tippex?) Wordprocessing software immediately allows you to edit what you have written so it doesn’t matter if you get it wrong first time round. Maybe if you write a novel on a typewriter you have to formulate your words in your head before you commit them to paper via the keys. I sometimes see a typewriter in a charity shop. It’s a miracle I haven’t bought one yet. I’m sure that one day I will cave in and make that totally impractical, romantic purchase.

Meanwhile I will make do with this cool typewriter note dispenser. It was sent to me to review by Chronicle Books.

01b6ef5a7bc470a931902aa464e6e394da0038d95cIt’s a very basic idea that looks super cool on my desk. Inside the typewriter shaped box is a roll of perforated notes. Pull one up, rip it off and write your memo with a pen. Or a pencil. Or some other writing implement. The keys are only a photo. Which is a shame. But then again if I wanted to type my notes I’d get a real typewriter. Maybe next time I see one for sale in the charity shop, I’ll buy it. It really is about time I extended my stationery gadgets to a typewriter.

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