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Review – Rescued Paper Notebook

Nowadays we are all familiar with recycling. We sort our rubbish or pay for the council to sort it for us. Newspapers were one of the first items to be recycled and I guess it made us feel a little better that yesterday’s news would be pulped and reformed into new paper to be printed on again. Recycled paper doesn’t have to be rough, unpleasant or brown. Many paper products are likely to include an element of recycled paper and we wouldn’t even know about it.

The Rescued Paper Notebook from Chronicle Books is something different.Rescued Paper Notebook

This notebook is made in India from paper products that are found materials, misprints or overruns. In other words paper that would otherwise be discarded. I love this idea. I always use the paper I print out my manuscripts on for a second time. I scribble a line through the old version of the chapter and feed the paper into the printer again.

The rescued paper notebook uses the blank reverse from posters, books etc. Each raw page is folded so that the design is hidden and the owner of the notebook has a blank page to write/draw on. The notebook slightly shorter than A4 (Sorry this stationery addict doesn’t know her paper sizes). The quality of the paper varies throughout the book as it is made from different sources but mostly it seems to be from posters and some pages have a creamy marbled finish. I suspect therefore that it wouldn’t be much good for fountain pen ink. The only problem is that this nosy author wanted to see what was on the hidden pages and the only way to find out was to cut one page to open it up and reveal the bright images within.

01200a7a7d58956dd87ac83f236cf2db233978340bPeeking between the pages, it is apparent that a huge variety of papers have been used. Some look more like wrapping paper or cheap wall paper. Others are almost blank.

I really love this notebook. It is completely different to any other in my collection and I intend to use it when I want to produce mindmaps or some other free format writing/thinking. I’m sure all those hidden images will inspire me to allow my imagination to run wild. Who knows where it will take me.

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