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Review – Vintage McCall’s Patterns Notebook Collection

Vintage is so popular these days, it’s not surprising that Chronicle Books have come up with a series of notebooks based on the iconic format of McCall’s sewing patterns.


Although the clothing depicted on the front is definitely vintage – 60’s or 70’s I’d guess – the format of modern sewing patterns hasn’t changed, but sadly not many people know how to sew these days and those who are happy to sew on a button probably don’t know how to follow a pattern. So these notebooks evoke not only fashion from a bygone age but also a skill. Maybe writing in a notebook rather than on a tablet is also a vintage past time for some people. NB Not me. I always write long hand before I stick my fingers to my keyboard

These books have 64 pages and are 216 x 152 cm. The same size as a sewing pattern. Inside they have ecru coloured paper and are either blank or lined with a button design at the top of the page.


With three notebooks in a pack, I know I will have to pass one onto Anita and I think the third will be given as a gift to my friend Born Bad Betty who designs vintage clothes and shoes. I think I need to come up with a swinging sixties story to write in my one. Hmm, which one will I keep for myself? Beachwear, coats or tunic and flared trousers.

One thought on “Review – Vintage McCall’s Patterns Notebook Collection

  1. Oooh! They are nice. The cover is too overwhelming (for me) for writing or drawing but I’m trying to work out if I need something like this for my sewing projects. Hmmm… this notebooking thing can become addictive.


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