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Interview with Amanda Lillywhite

While researching the pencils I use most often I found that one has been discontinued – Lyra Titan Woodless 6B. Thankfully my other favourites, Pilot Croquis 6B and Mars Lumograph 4B are still available but as soon as I have finished writing this post I will stock up. Lyra Titan, Croquis and Lumograph pencils all have lovely smooth dark lead that isn’t overly crumbly or smudgy. I only use Croquis and Titan for drawing but I find that Mars Lumograph is good for both writing and drawing – when I was working on my latest book I used it for notes, all the linework in the illustrations and the hand lettering for the story titles.

Amanda Lillywhite picIn the past I always scribbled my notes and rough ideas on scrap paper and had the idea that anything I lost or forgot probably wasn’t worth keeping anyway. Then my partner, Mark, bought me a pack of 3 Paperchase Agenzio A5 80 page notebooks last christmas and they changed my working life. I’m now in the habit of starting up a notebook for each new project. I love the texture of the cover and the smooth cream paper inside. It’s also appealing that the notebook is stitched rather than stapled or glued. They seem hard to come by so I’ve already stockpiled two packets.

Stationery items for writing, such as my collection of pens, also double up as art materials. I draw on high quality printing paper that I nick from my partner’s supply (we both work from home) and also use it for printing off drafts. My editing process for both words and pictures requires post it notes and highlighter pens. When I’m working on a book I like to be able to view it and work on it in an easily adjustable bookish form so (depending on the number of pages) will put page roughs into sleeves in binders or into presentation books.

friends coverMy creative career started in graphic design which led to animation, then on to illustration and writing. All of this experience underpins my work in comics, graphic novels and illustrated stories. My latest book Friends for The Neuro Foundation ( was released on May 15. I wrote and illustrated three stories featuring main characters with Neurofibromatosis that all children, regardless of whether they have the condition, can relate to. All three stories focus on friendship and the charity asked me to make them warm and life affirming. The Windiest Playground in the World is about moving to a new area, Rovertown Dynamos vs. Mogford Juniors is about bullying and The Missing Fish is about getting to know a new person. Friends is available on The Neuro Foundation website ( along with information about Neurofibromatosis.

To find out more about my books, workshops and projects please visit my website friend me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter at @ajlillywhite and please do feel free to contact me.

Friends was released on May 15, 2017. It was published by The Neuro Foundation and printed by Comic Printing UK.

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