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Interview with Lorraine Gregory

My favourite pen to use is a purple INKJOY by Papermate. Not only does it have PURPLE ink but it is very lovely to write with. The ink flows beautifully and never gives me any problems. I have bought several boxes and will be signing all my books with them!


Notebooks are one of my guilty pleasures. I have hundreds and cannot resist buying new ones. Recently I got a beautiful purple Harry Potter notebook that I will probably never use but I don’t care because it is gorgeous.

If I’m honest I mostly use these fabulous sketchpads from Tiger because they’re cheap but good quality and I can fill them with random nonsense without feeling too bad about it. If I was JK Rowling and could fritter my money away without a care I’d probably use MoleSkin plain notebooks because they’re lovely to write in and make me feel like a proper author. My pet hate is lined pages though, I can’t use them. I feel constrained and annoyed. I like empty pages, then I can fill them up!


I need lots of stationary. Actually need is the wrong word. I just love stationary. I am always being tempted by colourful pens and rubbers and sharpeners and staplers and folders and….but if I’m being truthful then I have to say a notebook and a pen/pencil is my most used item. Sticky notes have come in handy for line/copy editing but I’m not evangelical about them or anything.

Mold and the Poison Plot coverI write books for children between the ages of 8 and 12 and have been doing so for many years! My debut is coming out in May after a very long wait and I’m entirely over excited about it. Mold and the Poison Plot is a fantasy adventure published by OUP, about a boy with a big nose and a heart to match. There are baddies, monsters, sewers and  a whole wondrous world to explore, smells and all.

My website is here with more info about me and my books:


You can also find me procrastinating on twitter as – @authorontheedge and

co running the bi monthly #ukmgchat about children’s books.

Mold and the Poison Plot was published on May 4th by Oxford University Press

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