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Interview with Catherine Aird

I don’t have a favourite pen or pencil and can write with anything that comes to hand. If marooned in the desert I would probably write in the sand with a stick.

Catherine Aird photo 1

I like a notebook with a rexine cover and spirally bound very much on the small side.  These open out on a table very easily and can be carried in a handbag.

I buy boxes of 500 envelopes at a time, being very fond of communicating by card. I have a new one of these printed every year of a local view or object of interest. Coming a close second are boxes of laser printing paper for the computer – these come at 2500 sheets at a time.

9780749020293 learning curveMy first detective story was published over fifty years ago and I have enjoyed writing them ever since. It is great fun to set a puzzle and then let the reader (gradually) solve it. My latest book is called Learning Curve, published by Allison and Busby last year, and I am now working on its successor.

Other books in the series include: Dead Heading, Hole in One and Past Tense.


My web address is but I am not on Twitter or Facebook and do not have a blog. I am not sure where I would find the time to do so.

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