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Interview with Eve Ainsworth

I always write in pen and it has to be black and very smooth. I can’t bear pens that snatch on the paper. Nor do I like it when they smudge too easily. Papermate flexigrip is a regular, cheaper favourite that I keep in my bag at all times (I go through pens very easily and I’m always losing them!) but I have a Parker rollerball that I adore and use at home on my desk.

eve small

Notebooks are my weakness, ask my husband! I am seduced by lovely notebooks and actually go weak at the knees if I see a beautiful design. It’s all about the look for me. Beautiful cover. Good quality pages and either blank pages or thin lines, I hate wide lines! I have both cheap and expensive notebooks at home but the more luxurious ones are almost too beautiful to write in! I have lots of notebooks at home that I can’t bring myself to write in. My very favourite is a golden hardback that my husband brought back from Amsterdam. It’s gorgeous!

I love post it notes which I use to plot out ideas or timelines. They are also useful to stick on the screen to remind me that I need to buy milk or pick up the kids when I’m lost in writing! I also love highlighters for when I’m editing, or perhaps to mark out a piece of writing I’ve seen somewhere and loved.

And I love pretty pencil cases to keep my pens safe!

I am a mum of two children and have been creating stories for as long as I can remember. Previously I have worked in HR, pastoral support and Child Protection roles. I have written four teen novels for Scholastic and had several short stories in adult publications, including Writer’s Forum. My teen novels focus on issues relevant to young people today, such as bullying, toxic relationships and mental health. My most recent release Damage is about a young girl battling with a terrible secret, who turns to self harm to cope. My next book is due out in March 2018 and focuses and young carers and the struggles that they face.

My web address is and I’m @Eveainsworth on Twitter. You can also find me on Instragram at EveAinsworth or Facebook EveAinsworth Author

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