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Interview with Camilla Chester

I don’t have one particular favourite pen or pencil but there are definite types that I go for. I like those sort of scratchy bic biros and the plastic pencils that you push the lead out of. The finer the nib the better for me because my writing is really big. My choice of stationery also depends on the job. For school visits, I have a pencil case full of different colour sharpies for signing books so the children can choose their favourite. Inside my pencil case I also have scissors, a glue stick, blue tac, all kinds of goodies – you never know what you’re going to need!

Camilla photo

I love notebooks and have a whole load of them. I buy them all the time and for all sorts of reasons. Sometimes they just look really pretty, other times I am working on a particular book or project and want something that will only contain notes for that. I have a generic, more boring looking, lined notebook, always A5 size that I carry about most of the time which is used for everything from ideas to information and not always related to writing. It is quite often filled with pictures or games of hangman, or noughts and crosses that the children have done to keep them busy.

The other stationery I buy is felt tip pens, (usually the fineliner ones by Berol) as I like to plan sometimes in different colours. Sometimes I do character outlines or I might design something like a game to use in schools. I love colours!

camilla book coverI write for 8-12s and have two books so far to my name. My debut, Jarred Dreams came out in May 2016 and was shortlisted in The National Literacy Trust New Author Prize. It tells the creepy story of The Dream Thief who steals children’s dreams, storing them in jars and 12 year-old Sade who dares to defy him. My second book, EATS has just been shortlisted in the Winchester Children’s Funny Fiction Award. It is the story of two friends, Tucker and Larks and their adventures at a celebrity chef’s house.


The best way to find out more about me and my books is through my website:

EATS is Camilla’s latest book, released end of May 2017 and published by Matador.

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