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Interview with Krysten Hager

My favourite pens are the chubbier ones because they’re easier to write without my hand getting tired. Right now I’m using the Pilot Dr. Grip ones. A friend recently gave me a set of scented gel pens and I love having all the different colours for editing and they smell amazing. There’s something about writing with blueberry scented ink.

I have to admit I buy a lot of notebooks based on them having cute covers. I used to buy mainly spiral journals because they were easier to write in, but then I discovered notebooks with the “Lay Flat” binding.

Krysten Hager with notebooks

My ideal notebook is a large one and I prefer letter sized, but those are hard to find. I like them with a hard cover to make it easier for writing. I have a spiral one with cute magazine cover cut-outs on it that meets all my requirements, but I’ve also picked up cute ones with an illustrated map of Paris, another that says, “Write from the Heart,” and even a notebook in the shape of a nesting doll.

pink notebook

I buy a special new notebook every year on my birthday just for journaling. One year I bought one that had F. Scott Fitzgerald’s handwriting on the cover. This year I bought a yellow one that looked just like a book my grandparents’ had in their library because it conjured up such good memories.

I jot down story ideas, bits of dialogue, and I’ve also been known to stop in the middle of a conversation to write down something I said that I realized sounds like something one of my characters would say.

I quite like sticky notes for marking pages in notebooks that I’m using for outlining a story. I have some Great Gatsby themed sticky notes that I love and I will forever regret not buying the Jane Eyre themed ones. I use them to mark manuscripts I’m editing, too. I also like highlighters for editing. I just discovered gel stick highlighters, which are fun to use and I admit I get carried away highlighting things because they run across the page so smoothly.

DatingtheItGuy453x680I write about fame, fitting in, friendship, self-esteem, crushes, and first loves for teens and pre-teens. I basically took my embarrassing, cringe-y moments from my teen years and made a career out of my own awkwardness.

My latest young adult book is Dating the It Guy, which is about the girl next door who starts dating the popular son of a politician and finds herself feeling out of place in his world at first. I had fun writing this book because it’s funny, but it also has a message about self-acceptance and appreciating what makes you unique. I write with humor and I’ve found readers really reach out when I share things that I felt vulnerable and insecure about as a teen. I love hearing that they feel less alone about something they are going through when the read about my characters dealing with it, too.

Dating the It Guy was released in March of 2017 by Clean Reads.

My other books include:

YA books: Next Door to a Star and Competing with the Star.

Younger teen books: True Colors, Best Friends…Forever?, and Landry in Like.

You can find me here:
Website: UK bio:

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