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Interview with Sharon Tregenza

I don’t have a favourite pen or pencil I have loads and grab whatever is to hand. I do like the fine tip sharpies, though.


When I buy notebooks I mostly go for the way they look. I enjoy a bit of quirkiness in my notebooks. I honestly don’t know how many I have now. They seem to just accumulate and tuck themselves away in bookcase corners and drawers throughout the house.


My family and friends know about my addiction, so I get a lot of notebooks as presents too.


I also love Post It Notes. I’ve got them in every colour. Again I go for the unusual (I recently got a gift of some toast its – stickies in the shape of toasted bread). I read loads of books on writing and marketing techniques and use them to mark passages. Don’t do much else with the information – just mark it. Makes me feel like I’m doing something useful.

4the jewelled jaguar 10b tiltedI write for children, mostly Middle Grade, but I’m working on a couple of Picture Books too.

My latest book is a Middle Grade Mystery called ‘The Jewelled Jaguar”, it was published last month by Firefly Press. It’s set in Wales and features an evil Aztec Knife – that’s The Jewelled Jaguar of the title. A family tragedy forces Griff on a journey into danger with his cousin, Cinnamon.

Here’s a link to an audio recording of a chapter of ‘The Jewelled Jaguar’.

The Jewelled Jaguar was released in September 2017 by Firefly Press.

Facebook: sharontregenzabooks
Twitter: @sharontregenza

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