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Interview with Jenny Alexander

I like gels pens because they write so smoothly and the colours are strong and vibrant. I write notes in different coloured blocks on the page rather than whole lines – I’ve done that since I was a student. I find it visually pleasing!

2017-11-26 14.38.36_preview

When it comes to journals, my absolute favourite brand is Gorgeous Notebooks. I use their hardback A4 notebooks for my dream journals, which include all sorts of things besides dreams. I write my dreams in blue, dream commentaries down the side in red, daytime diary sections in black and ideas for writing in purple. If I think of things I want to note down when I’m out and about, I jot them on the folded piece of A4 paper I always have in my pocket and stick them in with cellotape when I get home.

I love post-it notes. Writing this now, I realise I’ve run out of the lovely ones I designed for myself in vistaprint – personalised post-its are just the best! I also love calendar templates, which I print off, fill up with things I’m intending to do over the next few months and stick on my study wall. I generally screw them up and start again when I’ve crossed about half my good intentions off.

I love writing! I’ve had a long and very varied writing career and I teach a wide range of writing workshops. In the last few years, I’ve written three books for writers.

Writing in the House of Dreams it about tapping the mystery of inspiration, the ‘Where did that come from?’ It includes lots of practical writing exercises to help you give your interfering rational mind the slip and enter the ‘writer’s trance’.

Happy Writing is about the psychology of writing, the ‘How can I keep going?’ whether in a longer piece like a novel, or over the course of a career. It includes lots of practical writing exercises to help you build your writing skills, such as plotting and redrafting, identify when hidden fears might be holding you back and create writing goals that are in line with your core values.

JA_FRW_CVR_V2-1Free-Range Writing is about inhabiting more of your writer self and growing as a writer, the ‘Yes, I can do this! What else can I do?’ It includes 75 practical writing forays into different genres, with tips and advice to help readers feel confident about trying new kinds of writing.

Just published! Free-Range Writing: 75 Forays For The Wild Writer’s Soul

Five Lanes Press, November 2017.




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