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Review Book Darts

You may not believe this but every now and again I discover a type of stationery which I haven’t come across before. I don’t mean gimmicky pens with glitter snowglobe barrels or rubbers in the shape of pterodactyls. I mean classy, practical stationery items that I can use in my daily life as an author.

My latest discovery are Book Darts

These are wafer thin, metal clips that slip onto an individual page or piece of paper in order to mark a line without harming the paper.

They are so think they don’t bulk up the book but unlike Post It notes, Bookdarts don’t stick out, creating a tab.

They come in three different metals and therefore different colours. I like the mixed selection of bronze, brass and steel and I’m using them to mark key pages in my bullet journal. But equally you could use them to mark favourite recipes, actors lines in your script, bible verses etc.

They are metal though, so I don’t think they are suitable for children and should definitely be kept out of the way of very young children as they could damage a delicate mouth.

I bought the sleeve set. The darts are slipped onto a bookmark style piece of paper so you could use the package as a bookmark and then have the book darts handy.

The only downside to Book Darts is that they are so light and fine you might easily forget they are there. Which is exactly what happened to me when I came to write this review. I couldn’t find them, so I had to buy another set!


Where did I find my original set? In the pocket at the back of my Leuchtturm bullet journal of course! I’m using the darts to mark my important pages.

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