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Interview with K M Lockwood


The pen in the picture is the one I’m currently using. It’s good and solid, triangular in cross section – so it doesn’t roll off my desk easily – and cost me nothing. It’s a freebie from my husband’s business and writes smoothly.

I like big journals and I cannot lie – I write longhand every day for ten minutes to get things going. The Orla Kiely one at the back was a present from my friend and colleague Sheena Wilkinson. I got the Write one at Christmas. Hoorah. I have started indexing them which is a bit sad.


I also like little tidgy ones I can shove in a coat pocket. I need them to scribble ideas down on the bus and the train. Some come from The Literary Gift Company, like the mug below, but I’m not proud. I’ll have them from charity shops, sales, museums, anywhere. I love design and am easily seduced by something new and beautiful. I have stacks of them in all sorts of sizes.


As you can see my pens come in variety too. I use different colours to organise my planning – sort of. I do this in the annual Mslexia Writers Diary below. I love it because of all the quotations and prompts – and blank pages at the back in case of emergencies.


The last image is not strictly stationery – but you might be intrigued. I use the tiny pegs and ribbon to organise my scenes. I tried with post-it notes but they kept curling up and falling off. So now I use paper/card with summaries on and move them round physically. A weird sort of literary bunting – and a fine bit of procrastination.


Sometimes those ten-minute stories end up edited into Tales from The Garret which you can find on my website: They share space with the #WritersReviews I do. I give both a reader’s perspective and a writer’s view on what I’ve read recently. Mostly children’s books but with some older fantasy and other bits.

Always happy to talk stationery, writing process and books on Twitter @lockwoodwriter and Facebook (Philippa Francis). My literary themed B&B on the Sussex coast turns up on Instagram ( too. It’s one reason excuse for the rather bookish mugs I buy.


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