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Interview with Sharon Dempsey

I do like a soft lead pencil to write and scribble with. Usually any old Staedtler lying around the house does the job, but if it isn’t sharpened just so, it will be abandoned.


Linc Offix pens come in a variety of nice colours and at the minute I am using the turquoise shade a lot. It is a soothing colour – neither to light or too dark and the ball point nib provides a smooth writing experience.


Notebooks have to be visually and tactilely pleasing. I prefer cream, lined interior pages. A4 is essential for big novel writing projects although I do gather them up in all shapes and sizes. I bought a particularly beautiful one in Florida last year and I’m saving it for a special project. Friends tend to buy me notebooks for presents which is wonderful and proves they actually pay attention!


Rules, erasers, felt tip pens, highlighters – the lot. If it’s in the stationery aisle I buy it. I have a local stationery shop close by which is very handy. They do more practical stationery as supposed to the lovely, pretty stuff you find in Paper Chase. When I am writing I tend to do most of in on my Mac and use notebooks for character details, and plotting. I actually have a stationery drawer in the kitchen which has been transformative. Everyone knows exactly where to find a pen or scissors, as my desk is usually a total mess!


little bird book coverMy debut Little Bird, published by Bloodhound Books July 2017, is primarily about loss: loss of a loved one, loss of identity, loss of connection.  It interests me to create broken characters and push them to the extreme and there is plenty of scope for that within the crime genre. As far as the blurb goes – forensic psychologist, Declan Wells, who is dealing with the aftermath of a car bomb, that has left him in a wheelchair.

Ten years after the car bomb his daughter is found murdered at a family wedding and Declan finds himself propelled into a nightmare of grief and desperation as he tries to find his daughter’s killer. Welsh Detective, Anna Cole is running away from a dead-end relationship and guilt over her mother’s death. She hopes secondment to the Police Service of Northern Ireland will provide distraction.  There is a killer on the streets targeting young women and leaving behind macabre mementos to taunt the police.

Declan and Anna work together to try and solve the case before the killer strikes again. I am working on the follow up which I am very excited about, and a collection of dark short stories.

Twitter: @svjdempz


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Facebook: sharondempseybooks

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