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Interview with B B Taylor

I love pens that write smoothly and flow across the page like ballpoint pens, but I also like really colourful ones too.

When buying a notebook it needs to have spirals so I can write on each page easily but the brighter and more fun the better. I do love a good bargain.


I love stationery, I have an index box that I put all my ideas into and sketch books that I build collages and portfolio’s in of all my characters. I also like to have lots of coloured pens and felts for doodling and brainstorming.


My newest book comes on the 17th May called The Curse of the Nomed and it’s a Middle Grade Egyptian themed book written for a Charity called Partnership for Children.

The idea for the project was developed by school children in a competition for a project called #lookatourbook set up by a company called Wesleyan which aims to create a book to raise money for the charity.

My previous most recent book was called Z.I.R.M a funny middle grade about Zombies who are over worked under paid and falling apart until they start a revolution to rebel, it was released October 21st 2017.



Twitter: @bb_taylor_

Instagram: @b_b_taylor

Youtube: B B Taylor


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