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Interview with Savita Kalhan

When I was growing up, I had three favourite sections in W H Smiths – the book section, where I could only look because I couldn’t afford to buy books, the stationery section and the racks of pens and pencils. There were so many choices. We had to write with ink pens at school, and ended up with permanent ink stains on our fingers. It was almost a relief when roller-ball pens and gel pens came in.

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My favourite pencil is a mechanical pencil – just a cheap one, but it has to have an eraser on the top. It’s easy, it doesn’t need sharpening, and it seems to last forever. My favourite pen for writing is the Edding 55 – it glides perfectly, the nib is exactly the right thickness, and you can buy them in packs of ten from a well known online retailer!

pens and notebooksI love notebooks! I don’t go for brand, size, practicality or price when I’m choosing a notebook. I tend to gather them from anywhere and everywhere – it’s about how they look and feel, as long as they are lined and I love them, I buy them!

My favourite notebook was a Christmas present from my son’s girlfriend – it’s got my favourite animal on the front – an elephant – and my name!

favourite notebook

I buy other stationery too. I buy a beautiful diary every year, which gets scrawled over with random things, to do lists, as well as more important events. Post-it notes are great for day to day to-do lists. I have folders in all shades of colours to try and bring some order to the clutter of papers. Box files are great for storing manuscripts.

girl in the broken mirror jpegI write fiction for teens and young adults. They are usually dark, twisty, contemporary stories. I have a book coming out on 1st May, published by Troika Books, called THE GIRL IN THE BROKEN MIRROR, which is very exciting. My teen book, THE LONG WEEKEND, is a thriller about two eleven year olds abducted after school.

I have an allotment where I do lots of thinking – and growing vegetables and fruit too! Removing the slugs and snails from my allotment is the least glamorous part of my day!

I love playing tennis and running and both are important as I spend vast amounts of time glued to a chair at my desk.


You can find out much more about me and my books at my website –, or follow me on twitter for all the latest Twitter – @savitakalhan


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