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Interview with Poonam Mistry

I use a lot of different types of stationary for my illustrating and writing process. My go to ones are my mechanical pencils and a coloured highlighter. When I get given a project the first thing I do is highlight and annotate ideas around words or sentences that I think have good strong imagery. For my recent project ‘You’re Safe With Me’ I drew ideas around the manuscript to help jot down interesting compositions and designs. Mostly I draw and write with my mechanical pencil. It’s smooth and easy to control.


I couldn’t survive without my Pilot 0.5 V ball black ink pens. I have tried so many different types of fine liners and I find using fibre tip ones just don’t last very long. The Pilot pens are great. The ink flows nicely and smoothly onto the paper. They also don’t bleed with is a huge bonus and the ink is very pigmented. I also use the Uni Pin fine liners.


Most the time when I buy a pen I always stick to brands that I know or ones that have been recommended to me by other artists/illustrators. I don’t look too much at cost or the look of it. I do have a few pretty nice looking pens though.


My favourite notebook is one that was given to me as a gift for Christmas. It has a beautiful tan leather cover and cream lined pages inside. I use it mostly for my private personal projects that I work on when I am not working on commissions. It is used to jot down ideas for new pieces or book ideas. I also write up potential new artwork and notes in small sketchbooks. I use Daler Rowney sketchbooks as the paper is off white and slightly thicker. I don’t particularly like drawing or writing on white paper.


You're Safe with Me


My first illustrated children’s book You’re Safe with Me is written by Chitra Soundar and published by Lantana Publishing was out on 3rd May. It is a bedtime story set in the Indian forest. A storm approaches and the baby animals can’t sleep. Mama Elephant arrives to comfort and reassure them until they fall asleep.



You're Snug with MeI have another book out with Chitra called You’re Snug with Me later this year. 






I am also working on retelling some Panchatantra tales by Vishnu Sharma which are in the early stages of being completed.

You can find out more about Poonam Mistry and her illustrations here:

Twitter: @pmistryartist

Instagram: @poonammistryart


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