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Interview with Rebecca Colby

I’m one of these writers who comes up with loads of ideas but can’t keep them in her head for more than five seconds. Because of that, I own tons and tons (and I do mean tons!) of notebooks to write my ideas down the instant I think of them. There is a notebook in my handbag, as well as in each room of my house. There’s even a waterproof notebook near my bathtub.

The waterproof notebook is the one stationery item that I couldn’t live without. I’ve always found the bathtub to be an ideal place to generate ideas, so I bathe daily. Both my writing and my body would stink if I didn’t!

But if I had to pick a favourite notebook, it would be the one in the picture below. It has butterflies and dragonflies, flowers, a magnetic clasp, shades of purple and is bedecked with jewels. What more could a writing gal ask for? I owned this notebook for over two years before writing in it as I felt it was just too pretty to use.


While I adore beautifully-covered notebooks, I’m not so fussed about pens. As long as they write, I’ll use whatever pen is to hand. I tend to purchase inexpensive pens because I often misplace them. Also, because I’m a writer, I always carry pens on me. My children know this and they frequently borrow them, forgetting to return them. Yet another reason to carry inexpensive pens!

Although I collect my ideas in notebooks, I do all my writing on a computer. So far I have been published in children’s poetry anthologies and picture books. I’m also an aspiring screenwriter, and I work as a screenwriting retreat manager for the Rocaberti Writers’ Retreats in France.

Motor Goose Cover Jan 2017My picture books include Motor Goose: Rhymes that Go! (Macmillan US, 2017), Captain Bling’s Christmas Plunder (Albert Whitman, 2017), It’s Raining Bats and Frogs (Macmillan US, 2015), and There was a Wee Lassie who Swallowed a Midgie (Floris Picture Kelpies, 2014). As I love poetry, each of these books are either written in verse, or feature rhyme somewhere in them. Who says publishers don’t publish picture books in verse!?

Here is a rhyme from Motor Goose:

Hey Digger, Digger
(Hey Diddle, Diddle)

Hey digger, digger,
the hole’s getting bigger.
Your shovel’s been scooping since ten.
Beware the loose rubble.
Too late–you’re in trouble!
You’d better start digging again.

If you enjoy poetry also, you might be interested in this collection of nursery rhymes that features car, planes, boats, cranes, and everything in-between. The rhymes are complimented by vibrant, hilarious artwork by Jef Kaminsky.

If you want to find out more, please visit my website at I can also be found on Twitter at @amscribbler and on Facebook at


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