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Interview with Csilla Toldy

My favourite pen is Sheaffer. It is a black ball point and it is at least ten years old. It has a sister, too, which is a rollerball pen. I like both for their thickness and weight in my hand. I use these for making notes, for my morning pages and my journal.


Since I discovered Moleskin, I go for that, but nearly all my friends and family buy me all types of notebooks as presents. I carry a notebook in my handbag, I have one at my bedside for journalling and I have a light weight, travel diary that I take with me on longer journeys. The small notebooks get thrown away, once I used up and transferred all the information from them. The journals are kept, only for my children, if they ever want to read them. I am reading my grandmother’s diaries now, and hope to use some of the information for my stories one day.

I buy endless number of ink cartridges. Although I loath wasting paper, being aware of the environment, I have to print out work for proof reading and final editing. I use both sides of recycled paper in my printer.

My novel, Finding Freedom, literary fiction, was long-listed for the Bath Novel Award. The prologue to Finding Freedom can be read here: With the kind support of the Art’s Council of Northern IreIand, I am working on a new novel, which is partly set in Hungary.

I have had three poetry books published by Lapwing Publications Belfast. The latest, Vertical Montage, was reviewed in the Canadian, award winning literary magazine: Into the Void

I make film poems as a hobby, but my latest passion is writing for the stage. My short play Bananas! will be performed at the East Side Art’s Festival in Belfast this summer, and hopefully, it will travel to other festivals, too.


Twitter: virag@CsillaToldy



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