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Interview with Leigh Russell

At the start of my writing career, I used pencils with replaceable leads. In those days I wrote everything longhand during the day and typed up my script in the evening. To begin with I was unable to compose on a keyboard, but at some point in my career I made the transition onto the keyboard and stopped handwriting. I type very fast and with eighteen books published in ten years, that would have been a lot of handwriting!

The feel of the paper is important to me, as is the way the paper is bound. I love writing in large notebooks with spacious A4 pages but they are not very practical and I usually carry a small notebook in my bag. The CWA (Crime Writers Association) produce some really nice ones, with beautifully smooth paper.

All my writing is done on an ipad and I have moved away from paper altogether, more for convenience than out of a desire to preserve trees. But with so many drafts of so many books, my transition has probably saved a small forest by now! I have two ipads and a keyboard that attaches to them by Bluetooth. I use them every day in my writing, and take at least one ipad with me wherever I go. I literally never leave the house without it.

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lr book coverI write a best selling crime fiction series featuring Detective Geraldine Steel, which has sold well over a million books so far. My debut, Cut Short, was published in 2009, and this year saw the publication of the tenth book in the series, Class Murder. There are a further six commissioned, and I’m hoping the series will run to twenty titles. I’ve also written a trilogy for Geraldine Steel’s Sergeant, Ian Peterson, another trilogy for a young investigative reporter which is set in foreign locations – The Seychelles, Paris and Rome. This year I also had a stand alone psychological thriller published, called The Adulterer’s Wife.


My website is and you can find links to my facebook and twitter accounts there, and also subscribe to my monthly newsletter where I keep readers up to date about my writing, and my events in what we call the real world.

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