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Interview with Stephen Wade

I have a favourite pen, and it symbolizes my wish to be better, to improve my skills. This is an Oxford fountain pen. It is perfect for me in that it is solid, strong, and you feel like a better writer just by holding it and being poised over paper, ready to go.

steve and stationery

When I buy notebooks, practicality always comes first. It has to be the right size and the right thickness. A5 is about right, with an elastic band preferably. Still, I am fussy about the cover. I like something bright and cheery as a rule, but I will accept a lovely dull brown one available in Wilko’s at a low price.

I’m always buying little index cards for use as lecture notes, even when there is no lecture coming up. I love the feeling of efficiency when I write headings and lists on each card.

Hannam coverThere are two writers in me. One is the crime writer/biographer, and he writes to deadlines, with lots of research as a foundation for work; the other is my nom de plume, Frank Callan, writer of western novels (Though I have also published westerns under my own name as e-books). As Stephen Wade, my next book is The Count of Scotland Yard, a biography of Bert Hannam, a top sleuth in the 1940s and 1950s. From Amberley). Frank has his next novel out this year – Bad Name Drifter, from Black Horse Westerns.


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