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Interview with Della Galton

My favourite pen, which is a purple Sheaffer, was given to me by my best friend, Molly. “This, is for signing books at launches,” she said, and so that is what it’s used for.  It’s deliciously heavy and posh-looking and even holding it makes me feel special.

I always go for ‘cheap as chips’ reporter’s notebooks for everyday use, but I also like notebooks with slogans.  The one I’m using currently has the words, ‘I’m an average-sized book with a huge heart,’ emblazoned on the front.

IMG_0531I also buy coloured paperclips and use them to send off my short stories in accordance with the universally recognised colour-coded identification process used by fiction editors.

  • Pink for romance
  • Blue for poignant
  • Green for a twist
  • Yellow for humour

Well, actually, I made that up, but it’s something I tell students at my creative writing classes and it always gets a laugh!

According to my agent I write ‘feel good’ fiction.  For example, I currently have a weekly series in The People’s Friend, called Busy Bees, which is about a family of cleaners and their antics – actually it’s mostly about Elizabeth, who’s a 74-year-old with a passion for protests. I love Elizabeth, she’s so funny. It amuses me greatly writing about her.

DF5Y0fKXYAA2aAzMy latest novel, The Reading Group, is a tale of friendship, loyalty and love with a good sprinkling of tongue in cheek humour.  It’s about a group of women who are reading the classics and it’s a case of reality echoing fiction.  When they read Jane Eyre, Serena, who’s a headmistress meets her Mr Winchester.  When they read Emma, the youngest member of the reading group, Anne Marie, goes into the matchmaking business with disastrous results, and when they read Lady Chatterley’s Lover, Kate has a hunky builder in to refurbish her kitchen and, well… hold on to your hats, ladies!

The Reading Group is published by Quercus and costs £7.99 paperback £1.99 digital


Find out more on my website:

I also hang out on Twitter as @dellaparker and Facebook as @dellagalton.




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