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Interview with Julie Sykes

My favourite pencil is a black and yellow striped Staedtler pencil with a dinky rubber on the end and a sharp point. I’m pretty certain this is a magic pencil as it feeds me ideas and makes my writing look neater! If I’m writing in pen, then I like a smooth nib. I usually write in black then switch to different colours to add extra notes. For book signings, I have my special Unicorn pens, of course!

JS Favourite Stationary

When buying a notebook I pick with my eyes first. A pretty cover is essential. The notebook then has to pass three tests. Does it fit in my handbag? Does it have a cardboard cover with nice paper inside (smooth with wide lines or plain) and finally is it a reasonable price? I have two current favourite notebooks (see picture). The larger one is by Paperchase and is decorated with a gorgeous origami pattern in pastel colours. Inside the paper is lined with tiny coloured pictures on each page.  The smaller notebook is by Busy B. It has a spotty cover and an elastic strap. Inside the lined paper is thick and smooth with a coral border. Both notebooks have a handy card pocket inside.

As you can see, I take notebook buying VERY seriously.

Other stationary that I use a lot are post it notes. I leave post it note pads lying around the house and I have one in my car so that I can jot ideas down before I forget them – but not when I’m driving!

Repro_Unicorn_IsabelCloud_300dpiI’ve had over 70 books published ranging from picture books to a young adult.   I write a lot of series fiction and have many pseudonyms. My current series is called Unicorn Academy. It’s published by Nosy Crow and illustrated by the super talented Lucy Truman. Unicorn Academy is a magical school were pupils meet their own special unicorn and have incredible adventures together. The fourth book Isabel and Cloud publishes on June 7th




My web address is and you can follow me on Twitter @juliesykesbooks

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